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What will you do after your retirement?

You must be familiar with stories about retirement, everybody knows those stories. These are the stories of people with big plans. If you ask them: “What will you do when you retire?” they will tell you about their travel plans, about picking up their hobbies and other things they lacked the time for.

They are planning to thoroughly deal with their house or go and visit that friend from a long time ago.

They think about taking a course in painting. Maybe they will visit the museum more often.

When you run into these people a few years later, you ask them how things are going. When you look them in the eye or observe their posture from a distance, you see that they have grown older. They seem to have aged more than the few years that have passed since. You can hear between the lines that most of their plans failed to materialize.


The glorified time we call retirement, or a leisurely life, turned out to be a fallacy. Even while many people during their working lives dream about their retirement, about not having to come back early the next morning to pick up the work of the previous day.

They dream of a different life. That most of what they have wished for becomes reality. Great, no more early rising. Beautiful, no nagging boss. No more responsibilities, I can do whatever I want.

But often little comes of it. We can think of many valid and less valid reasons why this happened. But is it not a pity when you realize that the period after your working life, is a life with gigantic possibilities? It is a phase in your life with a number of characteristics of which ‘Freedom’ is the most important.

Ultimate freedom

There is probably no period in your life where you have as much freedom as after your retirement. It is the time after you stop ‘having’ to work to put food on the table. When you were young, your parents or your school / education determined an important part of you. Afterwards, it was your boss, your employer or your own company that largely filled the day, the weeks, the months and the years. They determined what you had to do. But at the moment of retirement, freedom comes at you with tremendous speed. Whether you can handle it or not. That freedom gives you unlimited possibilities. But nothing is as difficult as something that is ‘unlimited’.


How do you stay motivated?

It is quite a challenge to deal with your ‘unlimited’ freedom, furthermore, there is another challenge: How do you keep yourself motivated daily? That is frankly also quite a challenge. Why would you get up early in the morning? Nobody says that you have to. Your bed is cosy so why not turn around and sleep a bit more?

How do you get motivated to go to the gym today? You could skip this one right? Sometimes you just want to surrender to idleness. Embrace that wonderful feeling of lazing and doing nothing. You are browsing a bit online, flipping through the channels on your TV and make a crossword puzzle.

Even though you could do whatever you wanted to, you are not really doing anything at all. You have tried it, but today it does not seem to work out. And tomorrow, well, let’s see tomorrow.

You have to have a firm incentive to put yourself to work, without any coercion, in complete freedom, whatever that work entails. Each and every day. It makes sense to find out what it is that motivates you. What makes you tick? What makes you move? Which motivation is deeply rooted in you? What have you been carrying with you since your childhood? Discovering that source of motivation is key to get in control of your life. It helps you to take things lightly. It helps you to understand why you might have to get back on the bike today to go to the gym.


A fascinating phase of life

This freedom means that the life phase between say 55 to 60 and 100 can be a very exciting phase of your life. But how will you manage? How do you take full advantage? What will you do with your pension?

That is what 60andMore is about. 60andMore wants to motivate and inspire you, without being pretentious. It wants to help you to fully enjoy the life phase that lies ahead. To a phase that the people around you will remember you for, long after you have already left for other realms.


In the first quarter of 2019, we will publish an online workbook that provides tools to realize your dreams in the years to come. If you want to be informed, please send an email to: editor@60andMore.com.





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