My home is my castle

Chances are that when your retire you will use your home differently and more intensively. During your working life, you were mostly at home in the evening and the weekends. Now you will probably start using your home more intensively, unless you pick up your suitcase and set off. You are quite possibly looking for residential inspiration for seniors.

Due to the changes in your lifestyle, you may be able to use your home differently and impose different requirements. Your new aspirations have an impact on your living. Your home is one of the means, one of the tools that you can use in realizing your dreams. In order to pursue an energetic lifestyle, attention must be paid to seniors and their living environment.

Moving away?

As your plans for the future become more concrete, you will feel the need to make adjustments concerning your house. Great idea, do it. It gives new energy.

Maybe you want to approach things more rigorously and think about moving some place else. Maybe you want to live in a smaller house because you want to travel more. Maybe you want to go to a suburb for quietness, or to the countryside because you want to have a vegetable garden. Maybe you want to move to an apartment in the city centre. You should not suppress the urge to move to a place that suits your new life but you have to stay realistic. Moving into a new home requires some guts, but it also gives you a boost.

Other forms of housing

Maybe you are someone who fits into a different way of living in stead of traditional ones. There are more and more exciting initiatives starting up. Every initiative has its own reasons. The diversity is great, but they have one thing in common: Togetherness. How inspiring it is to be together with like-minded people. Finding a good fit is a challenge, but once you have found it, your life can take a whole new turn. Fortunately, there is an increase in the attention for seniors and their living environment.

Let’s do things differently

It is interesting to look at the photos of houses for sale from an inheritance. You can see from the interior, the color on the wall and the design of the wallpaper at which point in time the residents in question have come to a stand still in their mind. 60andMore wants to use every message and every page to encourage you to do things differently.

Housing inspiration for the elderly

We encourage you to love life and cherish it as a precious gift. It is too valuable to bury yourself before you die. Let your next of kin do that. Live life to the fullest.

60andMore wants to offer you ideas on how to turn your living environment and living situation into a tool to realize your dreams.

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