What is ‘Lifestyle’?

People use the term ‘Lifestyle’ more and more often. Your health, your happiness, your activities, your living partner and your relationships are part of your lifestyle. Lifestyle is both the cause and the result of what you do and how you do it. We make distinctions between many different lifestyles, a healthy lifestyle, a sporty lifestyle, a worldly lifestyle and an exuberant lifestyle. But what does a lifestyle for the elderly entail?

Stable pattern

You express your lifestyle in many different forms such as the way you dress, your leisure activities, your consumption pattern, your home furnishings, your political and moral views and aesthetic preferences regarding art and music. Your lifestyle has a more or less stable pattern.

It is said that the lifestyle you have acquired in your twenties, determines in essence who you are and how others see you. You can however improve your lifestyle later in life. It is often the tougher things in life that force you to take a close look at your lifestyle. A divorce, serious health problems, obesity, a burn-out and the like.

Lifestyle as an instrument

Seniors use their lifestyle increasingly as an instrument. You try to introduce new habits and rituals into your life. You try to eliminate habits that you find obnoxious. People start running, meditating or practice mindfulness and see their lives change step by step. A change in eating habits often has a big impact on how you feel. Important points of interest for seniors are, for example, alcohol use and loneliness.

Your lifestyle is decisive for your health, your happiness and your vitality. Therefore it is important to be aware of your own lifestyle. You can take a look and asses which small or larger changes you want and especially why. What do you want with your life, with the time that lies before you? How do you adapt your lifestyle in order to achieve this?

The incentive of change

For many of us it is stimulating to think about lifestyle and to adjust certain aspects of it. It gives new energy and it helps you take a new path and keep following it. 60andMore is happy to offer you ideas and suggestions.


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