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Precious years
60andMore provides inspirational articles for seniors. Thank you for wandering around 60andMore. Maybe you are exploring your options for the precious years ahead. Looking at the possibilities that you have. You realize how precious the years ahead of you are and wonder how to deal with so much freedom.

You might be looking for ways to remain active and energetic. You realize that loneliness and reduced vitality can be part of ageing, yet each day also brings opportunities to experience beautiful things. Every day is a chance to give your life a new meaning and to realize unrealized dreams: live life till the end!


60andMore wants to inspire you and propose tips and ideas. The site wants to help you gain insight into your 60andMore life phase. You can find articles to think about, to consider. Articles that aim to achieve a mind-shift: a mind-shift opposing traditional views of getting older. Articles that help you clarify how to deal with ageing. How do you adjust your image of being a senior in such a way that it enriches your life? We want to inspire you to wake up full of energy every morning.

It is believed that achieving a mind-shift does not come easy. You have to take action. 60andMore wants to challenge you to make that step in a way that it suits your intentions and possibilities.


Every page and every article on 60andMore challenges you to explore all sides of yourself, to explore what you want. What are your dreams and ambitions? 60andMore wants to help you and inspire you to realize those ambitions. Maybe you want to reassess former ambitions and things you dreamed about when you were young. 60andMore provides you with the tools to understand your dreams and to start realizing them.


60andMore also wants to be realistic. Growing older also has certain obnoxious sides, annoying things you need to deal with. Slowly your body is getting older. There is some wear and tear here and there. That is inevitable. Despite some limitations, you can continue to strive and work on your dreams, starting from the opportunities that you have.

Always something new

Visit our website to find inspiration. 60andMore updates regularly with fresh and inspiring items. A change of consciousness or a mind shift requires many small steps, perseverance and an understanding of your potential.

Many topics that 60andMore presents require further study. We recommend specific books, films, documentaries and websites to inspire and guide you.

60andMore provides articles and information for an inspiring life phase.


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