Not for sale

For seniors good health is their most valuable asset. There are so many statements about how important your health really is. And it seems that most of those statements are correct. Especially later in life your health is of unbelievable importance. A lot depends on it, for example, your mobility, your motivation for the day and your enjoyment. Health is unfortunately not for sale.

Maintain your health

As you get older it becomes more evident that your physical health is related to your mental health. There are all kinds of guidelines in the field of nutrition, exercise and mental health. Fortunately, exercising is also good for your brain! That makes a difference.

Improve or maintain your overall health can be achieved in many different ways. If you stop working, it is important to think about how to keep your brain, body, mind and their combination as healthy as possible. 60andMore wants to inspire you and provide you with valuable articles and tips.

Higher life expectancy

Ultimately, the body naturally shows wear or defects. This is almost inevitable. It is about how you deal with it. 60andMore can offer you information and articles that could give you a helping hand. Especially in recent years the news, the internet and the papers have been reporting more and more about the rapidly ageing population and problems associated with it. Let us see those problems as a challenge.

Old age means more than withdrawal from work, loss of strength and other unpleasantries. It is closely related to how a senior gives meaning to his existence.


You can also approach the time ahead from a new perspective, one that is characterized by ‘continuing’ instead of ‘phasing out’. A period that, as other periods in a human life, comes with its own problems and quirks, but also with its own opportunities and possibilities. For seniors it is crucial to work on their personal health. 60andMore wants to outline the opportunities that are currently within reach. But with realistic expectations.

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