About 60andMore

The authors of 60andMore have a mission: to help you make the life phase starting at the age of 60 an inspiring one. The authors are:

  • Coby Siegers is a former Dutch teacher, former nurse and volunteer. Throughout her life she has been focused on health and a healthy lifestyle. Ever since the age of four she has been fond of working with fabrics, yarn and textiles.
  • Léon Verhoef studied sociological economy and worked as interim manager and change agent. He is a music lover, a jazz musician and an inspirator who is always looking for the meaning of life.

60andMore is open to guest writers. The following authors published articles on 60andMore:

  • Marijke Coert is an Individual and Change coach and Specialist Loneliness. She has gained more than 40 years of experience in HRM in advising, coaching and supervising managers and employees. She studied coaching at the Academy for Coaching in Utrecht. She specializes in expert help concerning loneliness, working with Faktor5 developed by Jeannette Rijks.
  • André van Leijenhorst is a psychologist specialized in aging well. He is the author of several books about meaningful aging. His way of working is personal, practical and professional. Being respectful and attentive are key aspects.

All authors have reached the age of 60andMore.

The intention behind 60andMore can be found on Inspiration for Seniors.

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